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data connection newbie


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Got a quick question regarding connecting a form created in LC ES2 to a spreadsheet or access db.

I've been asked to create a form that can be used to produce pdf copies of 1099's for our imaging system. The data we get from our vender is in a giant text file which they apparently drive thought their printers using custom paper with all the graphic elements already on it.

It takes alot of manpower to physically scan those paper copies into the image system. If we could produce a large pdf file with all the 1099s we could load it in in seconds.

i've done similar documents using Crystal reports but i already have the form created in LC and have been reading up a little on data connections. My main question is, once I get the data file and connect it to the form, will I be able to set it up so ALL the records produce a 1099?

So if my spreadsheet has 100 records, when I preview my form, the pdf shows each 1099(100 pages) ?

If so, can anyone point me to samples of something similar? Thanks!

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OK. I figured out how to actually connect the form to my access database. My db has only 2 test records at the moment.

I want the form to show a page for each record in the database when I open it. I figured this would be done by making the page repeatable in a flowed subform.

I can view the first record but that is all that displays when I preview. I've tried various combinations of settings but cant seem to get each record to show on the preview.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to get my end result? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!