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Customize "Please wait..."


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Dynamic file is not supported in Mac preview, iPad, iPhone. We get a msg "Please wait...".

Is it possible to customize this msg while not supported the dynamic file?

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Level 10


it's indeed possible but it's a real pain to do this.

This message is the content of the Shell PDF, which surrounds every XFA form and will be the only thing a PDF-viewer can display if it doesn't support XFA.

You can use the PDF stream dumper to edit it, but this is really not easy nor a true pleasure.

Here's a sample PDF, where I modified the message a little bit.




Level 6

Is using "PDF stream dumper" the only option for editing the "Please Wait..." message?

"Please Wait..."is very misleading since a dynamic form will never open if it is...  a) viewed within a web browser window (and not using the Adobe Reader plug-in), b) opened in Preview on Mac, or c) opened using any other third party viewer that doesn't support dynamic forms. Therefore, customizing the message to display something more helpful/instructional is desirable.

Anyone have a different solution?  If not, are there any helpful instructions/tutorials to using PDF Stream Dumper to achieve this request?


Thank you in advance!


Level 7

If you have the right version of Designer, you can try the solution outlined here:


There is also a tool to customize the shell PDF, but it requires some programming knowledge in C#.

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