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Creating a summary of options with price


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Any input on the best solution to this will be much appreciated!

I have a list of optional components for a machine with prices listed - I would like to have the form user be able to click checkboxes of the options they would like and have them displayed at the end of the document, summarizing their selections and the pricing value associated with each of their selections, then a total of each selection.

I have this working by using list boxes, one showing the caption, and one showing their value. However, I  cannot format the value listbox to properly show the values as currency (ex. $3,500.00).

Any ideas from the experts?


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Level 6

Not sure I'm following this correctly but a numeric field with a display pattern of $Z,ZZ9.99 should do the trick.


Level 1

I am trying to create a list of currency values, based on the list of selected options. So I don't believe a numeric field is correct?