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Counting number of xml-files in the content space.


Level 2

Hello everyone.

I have a process, which stores an xml-data from pdf form in content space in some folder "MyformData".

I need to give a unique name to  every file in this folder and return this name(Id) to the from .How  can I do it ?

Are there any instruments to generate unique Id with help of Workbench or how can I calculate the number of xml-files in  MyformData (n) to give the next file name n+1, for examle?

Thank you.

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Level 10

The /process_data/@id will give you a different process id every time you execute your process.

Would that work?



Level 2

Thx. I guess it can be used.

And what about counting number of xml-files in Content space? Is there any function to do this?