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Copy Calculated Fields and Script Object from one form to another form.


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I did this once and for the life of me i can't figure it out now.

I created a weekly note pad with calculated date fields and holiday fields which get populated with the holiday that falls on that date.  I incorporated my person holidays so i won't for get birthdays, anniversary's and so forth.

I create the form in Word using the Event Planner template which i redesigned for my use the print to .pdf. When the Word document is opened it asks for a month to start so i can select the month prior to the current month and have a 3 month calendar displayed on the top right of the form.  The top left of the form has the day, date and holiday if any.  There are seven pages to the form one for each day of the week.  Enter the date on Monday and the rest of the dates fill in automatically as well with any holidays.

I need to copy the date and holiday fields along with the script object from the working form to the Weekly Note Pad form.  I get an error when doing this now.

Here are my forms which may need to be downloaded to work.

Dropbox - dateholidayfields.pdf Dropbox - Weekly Notepad 2016 NWM2.pdf

Here is a link to my October, November & December weekly notepad which somehow i copied the info to and it worked.

Dropbox - Weekly Notepad 2016 OND.pdf

Thanks for any input!

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