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Copy and paste Rich Text to textfield.


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As a test, I have two textfields set to accept Rich Text. I can "manually" copy one of the Rich Text symbols from textfield1 to textfield2 without it affecting the text that already exists in textfield2 and retans the Rich Text formatting. Note: To do this, I am creating a textfield that accepts Rich Text, saving the form, opening it up in PDF, entering the symbols and then resaving the form. The users then copy and paste the symbols they need in the other textfield.

I have about 20 of these Rich Text symbols. Is it possible to format a dropdown or list to accept Rich Text?

I would like the form users to be able to choose one of the symbols and have the form paste that symbol at the end of the sentence they type into textfield2 (where the cursor would have been last). If I can't do this with a dropdown or list, can I populate a table with textfields set to accept Rich Text and somehow script so when the users click into one of the table sells (selecting the symbol) it copies and pastes into textfield2 at the end of the sentence where the cusor was last?

Thanks for any help you can provide me with this problem.


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