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Connecting to a Database from a LiveCycle form


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Good morning everyone,

I've been working at understanding how to connect to a database via my livecycle form and up to here, i can easilly enough connect to an ACCESS DB.

I created an ODBC,

a simple 1 table MS Access DB

and a simple form that connects to that DB via the ODBC.

My question is, how do i set this up if i want my clients to use this form? i cant really have that ODBC installed on all their machines, so how can i have this setup instead?

I do have access to a LiveCycle server, but i only have the Extended reader module installed, nothing else. Can it be done and if so, how would i go about setting this up?

If i can get that to work, this would open up a lot of possibilities where i work at.

So what i need is a way to mimic that ODBC setup, but without having to create 5000 ODBC connections on my clients machines

If you need clarifications on anything, please don't hesitate to  ask.

Thank you yet again,


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unforauntely, to use OLEDB in Acrobat, the connect string needs DSN=, and this will require your ODBC datasource to be local to your machine. This is a security reason. If you have LiveCycle, a more common practice is to use a web service call from the form to LiveCycle which can then make a JDBC call to your database, and sends the data result back to your form via the web service response.


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thank you very much for the info kjaeggin.

Would you have a good link to some how-to documentation for that web service idea you have?

I would like to test that avenue a bit more but have no idea on how to configure the livecycle server to do this and what else would be required to make this a possibility.

Thank you again very much.



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Hi Patrick,

You can create a process in workbench which will make the JDBC calls and bring the data (See this - http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/services.pdf)

Then you can use the SOAP endpoint of this process in the LiveCycle form and invoke the process

Hope this helps.



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Thank you very much Varun for the info, i will check this out and if i need a bit more help, i will ask away.