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Concerns Regarding Adobe LifeCycle Licensing


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There is starting to be a growing buzz over at Javaranch.com about FLEX and Lifecycle in particular. It would be nice if someone for Adobe could post a few responses at Javaranch.com regarding the LifeCycle Product:

Developers Responses:

D1: "RemoteObjects are part of Flex and therefore free to use. Flex Data Management Services were a part of Flex Data Services in Flex 2 and have long since been rebranded and packaged in Lifecycle ES which is licencable product. Last time I heard a price it was listed at $30,000."

D2: "Let's hope that price is going to come down in the near future. As a back-end Oracle Database Developer, this is going to be the bread and butter for me (FYI - Google the Cairngorm Architecture.) The LiveCycle Product is a much perferred option than build the web services in JDeveloper manually."

D3: "I went through the same motions and abandoned LifeCycle because of the ridiculous pricing compared to free, simpler solutions."

D2:"Okay, since there is interest in the Adobe LifeCycle, I think I am going to try and knock on doors (virtually) at Adobe get some help in this area for this product--license wise. Hopeful I can get a hold of James Ward, the Adobe Evangelist and have him to briefly post some words on this. Because I am with an educational institution, we have some grace with licensing for development, but never inquired about the LifeCycle license. Adobe have been pushing the BlazeDS, the open source option. I haven't used it yet, but if you search for BlazeDS at Adobe, you will find and pre-configured Tomcat download bundled with BlazeDS. This should provided a MVC ready environment for FLEX development accessing a database back-end."

D3: "Great for you, but those in the software development world have no options other than to abandon LiveCycle. It's unfortunate given the obvious value in these tools."

D2: "Of course you right, but the first step in getting Adobe to change this matter is to ask, or more so let them know that there is a growing interest with the product. If a number of Flex developers positively express (in writing, emails, blogs, post, etc) interest directly to Adobe, with the complaint the Lifecycle product has locked a lot of the developer community out from using the product, then I think they will happily change the licensing practice for this product over time. For Adobe is all about dollars and sense (as in what makes sense in business). If they can get more developers to positively endorse (FOR FREE) there products--they will start giving away things for free to get them to continue. So stay positive! Things will change."

There is a growing interest in the Lifecycle product, but most developers are hitting the wall when trying to utilize the product for self training, and education of the product.  Adobe Representatives please chime in and help the developer community regarding the licensing issue.  Also, please post as well to Javaranch.com under the FLEX forum branch.

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