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ColdFusion server script in multiple browser tabs


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When I run the ColdFusion server example in multiple browsers I am unable to grab sessions in each tab other then the first.  See screen shot for error message.  However if I disable cookies then I can run as many tabs as I want.  Can anyone tell me if there is a work around for this?  It has to do with the http call that is made in account manager initializes.  In all other tabs except the first one when the http call is made it returns with an unexpected result, with the tag "meeting-info" in the result.

Any help is appreciated.


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I have just tried and I am not seeing the problem you are having.

Anyway, the symptoms you are describing let me think you are doing something with session cookies.

Any web application that uses session cookies would show those "symptoms": you login to FaceBook,GMail,YahooMail, etc. from one browser and then open another tab or window and access the same site you'll see you are automatically "already logged in" as the original users.

Call this a bug or a feature, but this is how browsers works. This still doesn't explain how you are having a problem with server-side calls when you open multiple tabs, unless you are storing the accountManager object in the session (that is ok, if you want to save on server-to-server calls).

But even if that is what you are doing, I still don't understand what your real problem is. Assuming you are trying to run multiple rooms under the same account, the first request to the AFCS server will ask to authenticate and all the others will be already authenticated. And this is working as expected.