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Checkbox Script


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My document has a question where they can answer No, Upper or lower and i need to get a script that if the user ticks the checkbox no then they cannot enter anything in upper or lower.

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Hey there Bighibee....

What I might suggest is to use the Action Builder. If you go to the toolbar at the top, select Tools and then Action builder the Action Builder window will pop up. In the top left click of the window click the button to add a new action. It will then have a "Condition" and a "Result". In the condition section click on the blue underscored text which says "object" and then select the No checkbox that you have. Make sure that from the drop down box you change it from "is clicked" to "is checked" to make sure it only disables things when it is checked. In the Result section, select the drop down box and select "Enable or Disable an Object" and then select the object you wish to disable which would be the Upper Checkbox. After that click the green + symbol in the Result section to create another Result, repeat the same steps, but this time select the Lower Checkbox. After you set this whenever that box is checked it will disable those checkboxes. Now the only step left is to reverse this logic so that way a user can check and uncheck the box and it will enable and disable those boxes. I put an image of how it should look below. The Action Builder is great for those that do not have a firm grasp on JavaScript, plus its sometimes faster to get actions you want so it is a great resource even if you know JS. Let me know if you do not have the Action Builder and I can shoot you the JS.