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Changing audio output device


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I'm building an application that uses LCCS for video calls.

We've encountered an issue that we couldn't find any solution for and we believe is crucial.

Since the current version doesn't support AEC, all our users uses headphones to use the service.

The problem is, that to the best of my knowledge, if you plug-in USB headset, there is no way to make flash switch to using them instead of the regular audio output. If that is true,this means that assuming a user has USB headphones, even if we will add a note in the application saying "use headset to reduce echo" - that won't help as the user has no way of using his headset with our application.

Am i missing something? please tell me I am.



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Hi Itzik,

This is more of a Flash Player question than an LCCS one. Technically, it

might require restarting the Player in order to take effect (this all

depends on the headset - I've seen some where you have to manually get the

OS to change audio source as well).

You could build a workflow such as : "Please plug in a headset. If you're

plugging in a USB headset, please click here once you're done". Clicking

there could reload the page... I'd check with the kind folks on the Flash

Player forums to see if there's any way to deal with this.




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this is actually a quiet significant issue. There is no way in Flash to select the audio output device.

Today  people have regular speakers and a separate headset. They all use the  speakers for music and the headset for voice. Skype i.e. has the option  to choose audio output device and its really handy, because

  1. you dont  have to bother to set the default device to the headset everytime you  want to use it.
  2. If you set the default device to the headset all other apps will send their audio  output to the headset - which is not what you want either.

So people  really want to leave the default device set to the speakers and not to  the headset.

Nokia did this for Java

JRT 2.1 / Nokia UI API updated to version 1.4:
            AudioOutputControl extension for controlling which audio output device, for example the device loudspeaker or earpiece, is used to play back audio

This really is an issue.


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This is definitely a place to lobby the Flash Player team about. We always

pass on user requests as well, but the Player team considers things more

heavily when real users are making the report.



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cool, where can I file the issue?


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great! btw:

When I click on "contact the administrators." I get this:


I tried ixplorer and ffox


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I filed the request under Key: FP-6588.


Now everybody lets vote for this!!!!