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Change Default Application level setting for checkbox value from "On"/"Off" to 1/0


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  I am creating livecycle designer forms. In that the checkboxes take a default value of "On'/"Off" and I have to change it to 1 and 0 in all the boxes on layout checkbox property.

In livecycle i have to change it in Object-Binding tab.

  Is there an application level setting where I can set the default to 1 and 0 instead of "on/"off" at the app level itself? this way every new form will have 0 and 1 instead of off/on

I export the form data to XML and push it to database and it needs 1 and 0.

I need the app setting for both Adobe Acrobat 9 Extended Pro

Please help

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It is 1/0 by default .....if you drag a checkbox from the object library onto the canvas and you are getting on/off as your default, then you have modified th eobject. You can set the object the way you want (anf property not just binding) and then you can drag the object back onto the Library palette. This will ask you to name it and if you choose the same name it will overwrite the one that is in the library.