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Cannot see Applications view


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I am using Workbench ES 8.2 and would like to customizing submit services to return XML data instead of XDP format.

I am following these instructions:

  1. Get a local copy of the Process Management (System) application. (See Adding applications from the server.)
  2. In the Applications view, expand the Process Management (System) application, then expand Process Management (System)/1.0.
  3. Right-click Submit PDF Form process and select Copy.
  4. Right-click your application version and click Paste.
  5. Open the Submit PDF Form process that you copied to your application.
  6. On the process diagram, select the Call processFormSubmission operation.
  7. In the Process Properties view, expand Form Submission Options, and for the Export Data Format property select XML Data.
  8. Save the process and check it in. (See Checking in applications or assets.)
  9. Modify the Action Profile of the form so that it uses the customized Submit PDF Form process. (See Modifying and creating action profiles.)

Step 1 directs me to 'Adding applications from the server': http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/workbenchHelp/help.htm?content=003730.html#1553875

This set of instructions directs me to use the Applications view but I can't seem to make it visible in Workbench despite being logged in as the Administrator.

Can anyone tell me how to show the Applications view or otherwise some other way to customise the submit service so that it returns XML data instead of XDP?



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The application concept didn't exist in LC 8.2. It only started in version 9.0.

However, if you want to submit XML you should be able to just change the submit button's properties on the xdp and make sure it submits just XML and not XDP data.



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Thanks Jasmin,

My submit buttons are set to submit XML only but when I examine the recorded data in Workbench I see a range of unwanted application data tags.  The size of the application data approximately doubles with each save of the form data until eventually Tomcat crashes because the rendered form is too huge.

There are further details of the problem here:


If you can help with this I'd be very grateful :-)