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Cannot get the http channel to work in beta3


Level 1
I do not want to use rtmp so my data service looks like this:

<destination id="routeTemplate">

<adapter ref="java-dao" />


<channel ref="




and I've also changed my default channel to my-http.

When the call to the data service is made it gives me error "
Destination 'routeTemplate' not accessible over channel 'my-rtmp'".

In beta2 i made the change to the default channel and it

Not sure what else to do. Is this a bug?
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Level 2
It looks like the swf is still trying to access the rtmp
channel. Once you've made the updates to your configuration file,
you should restart the server. Also, because a bug in Beta 3, which
is now fixed, you'll need to force a recompile of your swf on the
next request by calling xxx.mxml?recompile=true.

One thing to note - if you're trying to get updates from the
server, you'll want to be sure that your http channel is set for
polling. Otherwise, you'll be able to send updates to the server
but won't receive any.


Level 1
thanks that worked. seems like that's a BIG bug, i would post
that everywhere to make sure people don't get discouraged.