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Can you use a .pdf as a Master Page?


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Here’s my project.  I modified the Event Planner template in Word 2016 to create a weekly note pad displaying 3 months in the upper right side of the page. To the left of that is a text box displaying the day of the week and a user defined date field below that.   The rest of the page displays note pad lines.  The nice thing about this is that when you open the document it prompts you to choose what month you start with for the three-month calendar display.  We really like that feature as it allows the current month with the previous and next month displayed as well.

I started thinking it would be nice if the dates filled in automatically when a starting date is selected and add a Holiday or special occasions to be display.  So, I started messing around with LiveCycle designer and created a .pdf form where if you select Monday’s date and the rest of the day’s dates fill in automatically. I then went a step further and created holiday and special occasion field which fill in automatically when a day falls on that date using a script object. To pull the whole thing together in LiveCycle I create the note pad in Word and select the months I want displayed and remove the date field and print that as a .pdf.  I then open the .pdf in LiveCycle Designer as an Interactive Form with Fixed pages and then add the script object and each date and holiday field for each day.

If a .pdf could be used as the Master Page I could set the Months in Word, then print it as a .pdf and just add it as the master page and not have to copy and paste the fields for each day and the script object each time the month’s change.  However, it doesn’t take too long to copy and paste the fields and script object and the dates would only change once a month so it may not be the end of the world if a .pdf cannot be used as a master page.

Maybe there’s an easier approach I’m not aware of.  Here’s a link to my document which needsto be downloaded to work properly. 

Weekly Note Pad 2016 NWM.pdf - Google Drive

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If you only need the layout of your existing Word document you can use an image on the masterpage instead of a PDF.


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I tried creating an image of the whole Word dcument and just the calendar portion of the document but the image looks horrible when printed.