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Can you change bg color on a label in livecycle?


Level 2

‌I usually put a label on top of a rectangle box, but seems to not work when inside a subform. So i figured why not color the label box itself? Is this possible?

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"fillColor" is not an available property for Text. (At least as of ES3.) I think you're stuck with wrapping that Text in its own subform which would have that property.


As an aside, here's what happens when you try to apply the fillColor property to Text.



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Hi Tangnamofool2,

Since there are no events associated with Text, you can add the following script to the initiailize event of a Subform/Page in which the Text is palced:

form1.Page1.StaticText1.border.fill.color.value = "100,0,0"

I did this in Designer 7.1 and should work in all the versions.