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Can I use the LCDS for... ?


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I'm a beginner in LCDS.

I have a MySQL database for my ordering system. In this database there is a user table and there are some other tables. These tables use foreign keys of user.id. People can register on my sytem (+1 row in a user table). I communicate throught web services in my mobile application. People can see only their own rows (own orders) (it is defined by the user.id).

I would like to improve my mob.app. with offline, sync, and real time changings features.

Can I use the LCDS for my system?


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Server: Apache Tomcat 7

Web Services: Java WS, and it is protected with Custom Basic Authentication. The session contains user.id after the successful authentication.



Short answer is yes.  Remoting, Messaging and Data Management with LCDS and AMF over HTTP and RTMP is more efficient than standard web service calls, and provides for real-time push capabilities, client-client sync, Mobile App development, etc.