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Calculations stopped working out of no where!


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Good afternoon,

I have been working on a form with a client and previous to this revision, my calculations worked just fine. I made a bunch of updates to the form (modifying a collection, renaming fields not involved with my calculations) and then when I tried to render it, I got a FormCalc error on all my calculate events. So I changed all the instances of FormCalc to JavaScript but none of my calculations work anymore - they aren't complicated-just addition and division. I tried getting rid of my formulas and rewriting them and nothing works. Can someone please tell me the best way to trouble shoot this issue? I'm happy to share the form with someone if that's the best way. Thank you so much in advance.

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When you started making changes to the form (i.e.modifying collections), you may have broken the path to the elements.  So if you renamed a subform from SubForm A to Subform B, and didn't update the path in the calculation script, then the form can't find the location of the element on the form, hence the error.

That could be one issue.

The other could be that when you changed over from FormCalc to Javascript, the scripts are no longer accurate since they are two different scripting languages.

I'm not sure if you care able to attach files here anymore, but if  you upload to Acrobat Workspace and share, I'll take a look. Our you can send to tberts1973@hotmail.com and I'll gladly take a look.