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Calculating a date field, based on another value


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I have seen a lot of postings about users picking dates, and then having a calculation based on that. I have been trying to use some of that syntax, but I get nothing to appear. What I am trying to do is I have a Date field, and it is already populated. I have then created another field, and I want that one to calculate to 36 month after the original field. I want to allow this field value to be overridden by the user. To add one more layer onto this one, if the original value changes I want this calculated field to recalculate. So I would imagine the calculation would have to be done in the exit event of the original field. I do not need to force it to a specific format because other regions will use it, so if possible I would prefer for their SAP location settings to determine the format.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks,

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