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C++ Runtime error using LiveCycle Designer


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I have been using Adobe Pro 9 for some time, my system is running XP Professional and Service Pack 3. Each time I edit a form which I am adding tables to the form crashes with the runtime error.  We had a system upgrade for some unrelated software on the weekend and everything worked fine up to that point.

I continue to save each time I add a section in the table, I have edited the form 5 times now with the same result. The file ends up being corrupt with 0bytes.

Can anyone offer advice on this.


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Hi Christine,

This is a typical problem in LiveCycle Designer ES (8.2). I have faced this issue several times. Though I do not know the actual reason for this. There are many things responsible for this behaviour.

- Is the form opened for several hours in LiveCycle Designer?

- Have you made repeated copy paste operation of the fields as well as of the Javascript?

- Have you saved the form repeatedly for small changes without doing the "Save As" operation?

- Have you long lines of JavaScript?

Few Suggestions might Help...

- Do not open the LiveCycle Designer for longer duration like more than 4 hours. Save changes. Close it and reopen it.

- Instead of doing the "save" operation do the "Save As" operation. It will also help in reducing the size of the form.

- Avoid Copy pasting of the fields or JavaScript always. While you do it, if you see the XMl Source you will some designer id would be added exponentially.

- Use events intelligently.




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Thanks for your response. The form was sitting inside our document management system and we had an upgrade over the weekend and the problem only arose as a result of that upgrade. I was editing the form and working inserting tables, I eventually found another way around, it be deleting the page I was working on and creating the page in a new document and copying and pasting it into the original document and that seemed to work.