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Building WebServiceSettingBean


Level 7


Please let me know how do i build WebServiceSettingBean Variable using setValue activity.

When i use setValue acitivity i see following details as metioned in image below


I know wsdl only which is as follow : http://HYDHTC137429d:8080/EForm/services/EmailCollectorService?wsdl

using this url i am able to generate following values like

1. Usr Name/password

2. port

3. Target Url

4. operation

5. wsdl content

6. soap request

When i use setValue, i see under webservicevariable ->object and many parameters.

Please let me know/correct me the varibles type that i need to set

1. attachment (for me its not required)

2. Uthenticatepremptive (nor required)

3. Input Request ( how do i pass input request, what is the variable type of it. This service is taking two string type variable, then how do i set it??)

4. What is the datatype of following variables (operationName, password, port,target url, username, wsdl etc)

thanks in advance



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Level 10

1. attachments (optional) - data type is Map of documents; You may leave this is there is no attachments need to be passed as arguments to the web service

2. AuthenticatePreemptively (optional) - This is a boolean value; default is false() - You need not set this value unless the invoke operation need to send authentication headers before calling the web method.

3. InputRequest (mandatory) - data type is org.w3c.dom.document. Or you may also supply an XML String will be converted internally.

Hope that helps.



Level 7


Thanks for replying.. but I need some more clarity on third point.

Do you mean the request xml which is generted in wsdl??

if i am correct then how to i change input vairables in xml document dynamically??