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Blank Form after rendering for Acrobat Reader


Level 1

I made a form in LCD ES4.

To enable the saving of filled forms in Acrobat Reader, I opened the form in Acrobat DC (also tried it in XI) and saved it with "File > Save as Other > Render extended PDF > Enable More Tools".

When I now open the newly saved PDF the document is empty.

You can download the form at http://www.smilecom.ch/lcd-empty-problem.zip

Thanks for any input.

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Level 4

I could'nt open the zip file you shared.

But have you tried importing the data XML into the form.

In Acrobat DC, search for "Import Data" tool and then choose your data XML.


Level 1

??? What??? I was asking why my "Coffee Machine does not deliver any coffee" and get "try to put coffe directly in to your cup" as answer?

The problem I described has nothing to do with importing XML-Data into the form! It's about not beeing able to open the form in Reader the way that saving entered data is possible.

So... what exactly do you mean by "couldn't open the zip file"? Works fine here... and there... and everywhere I tried.


Level 10

The problems lays in the script of the initialize event Formular1.TF0::initialize - (JavaScript, client).

If you remove it the form works even when it's Reader-enabled.

Start here to debug you form.