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binding imported data /importing multiple files into one document


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Hi guys,

happy new year

we are trying to work out if you can  import multiple .xml files into one document - and if so how you would bind them etc

i have attached a (very crude) form that illustrates what we are trying to achieve and explains a bit better

but essentially each of our client (if we ever get this working) will fill in various forms to request various things be done (complete form A to order a standard from lease - that kind of deal) - they may complete up to 20-30 forms each (hope not that many though - headache) and we want to have about five or six key forms at our end that are directed at each key task group - and into which we can load the .xml data supplied by our client that is relevant to their requested task -- so abc.xml might have their preliminary new client info (name age etc) and bbb.xml might have lease details and xyz.xml might have whatever else is relevant to X task

can we set up a forms that can import the say 4  .xml files for whatever client relevant to the task they have requested

the example form makes it clearer i think what we are trying to do

any help would be great - we're about ready to go but have stalled on this hurdle (for a few months now ) and really need some help.

our budget sucks but we would happily stretch to a few dozen ales (or name your poison) for anyone who can get this concept off the ground -or produce a viable alternative (which doesn't require additional software etc)

thanks in advance

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Here are two blog entries that describe the issues with what you are trying to do:



They are quite technichal in nature but it shoudl give you th efeel for what you are trying to do.



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Thanks Paul,

They look like what i'm after.... You're right for a "learner" at Livecycle they are complex but i'll hack away and see how we go.

It's good to know it "can" be done, even if the how remains a little cloudy in patches.