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Binding a drop-down list to a SharePoint list


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Has anyone achieved the above successfully and could run through the steps, or point me to a how-to guide?

I want to display a list of items from the SharePoint list and allow the user to select one.

I'm using SharePoint 2010 and suspect that consuming the SOAP web service (http://dur-xxxx-02:12345/_vti_bin/Lists.asmx?wsdl) from a WSDL data source in LiveCycle Designer is the way forward, but can't get it hooked up properly.

Eventually I want to create a new list item using the values that the user has entered, so if anyone has a guide on how to do that, I'd appreciate it, too!

Thanks for any help.

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Hi lammy1982,

I'm facing the same issue, did u have an idea for how we can do that?

Thanks a lot in advance


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I couldn't get it working using the SharePoint default SOAP service.

I ended up writing bespoke web services to return items from the SharePoint lists, which I then connected to from the PDF form to bind the values to a drop down list.

To get the data back into SharePoint, I added a button to the form which would send it as an email (XML format), and then used an inbound-email-enabled document library in SharePoint to receive the attachment. Then implemented a custom Event Receiver on that document library which read in the XML and created a list item in my custom list.

This was working fine as a proof of concept but the decision was taken to not take it any further.

Hope this helps, and sorry if it's not what you were hoping for!



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Can you please provide me code how you read the sharepoint list data and bind it with dropdown?? i want to implement the same thing.


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Hi, I wrote my own web service using c# (System.Web.Services.WebService). This connects to the SharePoint site using the Microsoft.SharePoint.Client API and returns the items from the selected list as a List of strings. You can then publish this web service and reference it from the adobe form. Sorry I can't provide you with the actual code as this was written and paid for a client.