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BAM Wizard & Dashboards


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I just installed a BAM server that I connected to my LC server (using the proper doc). Both instances are on different physical computers. (Both with JBoss, Windows Server 2008 64 bits, LC ES2SP2 and JBoss 4.2.1 (BAM)).

Problem 1 :

In the workbench, I selected the "Automatically generate BAM dashboards" checkbox on the application process, but nothing gets created inside the BAM dashboard (even if try deploying / undeploying the app).

To check if it comes from the application or from the BAM configuration itself, I created a second simpler application that this time create the correct default dashboard inside BAM.

I saw a known issue on the adobe website, which is :

Auto Generated Dashboards are not created in BAM for a long lived process which calls a sub-process having fully qualified name longer than 50 characters

What is exactly the "fully qualified name" ?

The process name (ie MyProcess)?

The relative path to the process (ie Process\MyProcess) ?

The complete path to the process (ie MyApplication\Process\MyProcess) ?

Is this problem solved in ES2 SP2 ? Here's a screenshot of the application tree, there is no special characters (like "é", etc.)


Is there a limit on the number of tasks that can be included inside the same process for the BAM ? The process that I'm trying to monitor is quiet complex (~90 tasks) and isn't "cut" in subprocesses.

Problem 2 :

I installed the BAM wizard via the workbench, which is a powerfull tool btw. For those who installed Adobe LiveCycle workbench on a French locale computer as default, you need to force the workbench locale to en_US, using the parameter : "-nl en_US" in order for the BAMPublisher configuration task to work properly.

I added a publish step to my application, but there is no dashboard and no folder created like "MyApplication-publish" in BAM. However the data I publish are in fact added in a table "BAM_TB_XXXX" inside LiveCycle database.

Do you have any idea how I can correct that / force BAM to generate the publish folder ?

Problem 3 :

The data that were pushed in the "BAM_TB_XXXX" yesterday disappeared this morning, is that normal ? When I launch a new process, a new row is created within the database with the bam-incr at 5. (Yesterday, 1, 2, 3 and 4 were created). Any idea on this ?

Thanks in advance,

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A fully quaified name of a process would look similar to the following sample:


If a process invokes another process(subprocess) and the sub-process's fully qualified name's length exceed 50 chars,then BAM dashboards will not be generated automatically.

Are you invoking any subprocess by the way?



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Hi $Nith$,

First of all, thanks for your response.

Indeed I was calling a subprocess in my main process, and the service name of the subprocess exceeded 50 chars. I rename my subprocess to a shorter name and now it works, ie : the default dashboards are created in the BAM Dashboard interface.

The first problem is solved !

The second problem however is still pending, I don't have any MyApp-publish folder in my BAM dashboard, even if the table is created and filled in the database.

In my BAM Workbench, I have the MyApp-publish folder under "Public folders".

Any idea why BAM Dashboard doesn't create this folder and the default corresponding dashboards ?

As for the third problem, I found out that everytime I deploy the application, the datas are cleared from the DB.




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Hi all,

As for the second problem, it was because I didn't have any numeric values pushed in the database, so BAM wasn't able to create the correct default view.

I'm getting in touch with Adobe Support soon to understand what event causes the database table to be empty.