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Automatically update dropdown fields after .XSD file edit?


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Miraculously, I have managed to create a dropdown field based upon values listed in an XSD schema file. I have then copied this dropdown field many times within my form as it is required in numerous places.

Going forward, my hope was that I could simply edit the list of values in the XSD schema file without ever having to update/refresh all of fields in the form again; however, after I edit the XSD file (to create additional dropdown values), the values in the dropdown fields do not refresh automatically. Shouldn't it be as simple as this? Do I have to reopen the form and perform some kind of refresh function? Does this update all of the fields at once?

Thank you.

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Normally schemas are meant to stay static. They are hard coded to define a dynamic xml file. For instance, the element gender in a schema could have the enumerations Male and Female. Yet for a drop down that would change a lot, you wouldn't put it in the schema but the xml file the schema points to.

It sounds to me like you need to map your drop downs to an xml. Then before you publish your pdf, you would import the latest xml and all your drop downs would be populated with the correct items.

Look up dynamic properties for drop downs.