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Assemble static XFA-Based pdf with NoForms or NoXFA error: PageException: PDFM_S19003


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I have a PDF which I generated with LC Forms (LC ES 8.2).

Now I am trying generate new flat PDF on Assembler service using the following DDX:

<DDX xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/">
<PDF result="out.pdf">
  <PDF source="cabtf1-forpdfgenerated-STATIC.pdf" />

I tried also to use <NoForms/> tag instead of <NoXFA>, and in both cases, this particular PDF I gives the following error:

out.pdfcom.adobe.internal.pdfm.util.PageException: PDFM_S19003: Failed to find a matching SVG named color for "2"

The full stack trace is:

com.adobe.internal.ddxm.Executive.execute DDXM_N00000: Started processing result named out.pdf</msg><msg t="1.797" l="SEVERE" n="com.adobe.internal.ddxm.Executive" cpu="0.3125">com.adobe.internal.ddxm.Executive.execute DDXM_S00001: Failed to assemble result named out.pdfcom.adobe.internal.pdfm.util.PageException: PDFM_S19003: Failed to find a matching SVG named color for "2"
at com.adobe.internal.pdfm.util.PageSet.setDocument(PageSet.java:151)
at com.adobe.internal.pdfm.assembly.PageAssembler.deletePages(PageAssembler.java:117)
at com.adobe.internal.pdfm.assembly.DocAssembler.prepareBaseDocForAssembly(DocAssembler.java:339)
at com.adobe.internal.pdfm.assembly.DocAssembler.assemble(DocAssembler.java:161)
at com.adobe.internal.ddxm.task.pdf.AssemblePDF.execute(AssemblePDF.java:130)
at com.adobe.internal.ddxm.blueprint.BluePrint.execute(BluePrint.java:275)
at com.adobe.internal.ddxm.ddx.Node.execute(Node.java:373)
at com.adobe.internal.ddxm.Executive.execute(Executive.java:270)
at com.adobe.internal.ddxm.Executive.execute(Executive.java:221)
at com.adobe.livecycle.assembler.AssemblerServiceImpl.execute(AssemblerServiceImpl.java:465)
at com.adobe.livecycle.assembler.AssemblerServiceImpl.invoke(AssemblerServiceImpl.java:408)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)...

Any ideas? ... Not find the error code PDFM_S19003 how I can solve it?


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Former Community Member

I just got the same thing.  Trying to use DDX to add a PageContent element to a PDF.

It doesn't happen on all documents, so I think it must be something wrong with the source PDF?


Former Community Member

Actually, it had nothing to do with a SVG named color.  It had to do with the fact that my DDX statement

<DDX source='doc_source' pages='2-last' />

expects 2 pages and it was only supplied a 1 page document.

I had to add a couple steps at the beginning of my processing to fetch how many pages the PDF had and then determine whether to add the additional pages.