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appearance of drop down


Level 1


I am new to LiveCycle Designer and am making a flowing fillable form.  I've inserted a few drop downs within a table.  When looking at the drop down options, there is a large black space that appears to the left of the drop down box options.  When the drop down has a smaller width because of the short length of option verbiage, the options are not even visible.  How can I increase the view of the drop down options?

Here's a couple screen captures:

livecycle1.png  livecycle2.png

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Level 10


I have not seen this before, does it happen when the drop down is not in a table?

What version of Reader/Designer are you using.

Is it possible for you to share the form so we can have a look?




Level 1

Thanks, when I tried creating the drop down outside the table, I realized the orange bar adjusted the size of the drop down.  The text takes more room in LiveCycle that I'm used to in Acrobat DC.  Problem solved!  Thanks for your help.