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API for session recording status monitoring


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Hey guys,

Don't know if there's a better way to request for features, but I'd really like to see a web API for recording status / server status of sessions being recorded.

As we deploy session recording live, we'd like monitor the status so we can respond to any issues faster.

Sub-optimal solutions we can do right now:

1) Check if the webdav directory on our server is not getting filled up with recorded session .zip files once every hour or so...

2) Check the apache logs for errors during a PUT request against our system that tracks whether a recording is supposed to be incoming soon.

But none of these will tell us information on which session failed to record, when it happened and a trace log of what was happening during the recording. So our response time will be slow and we'd have to contact you guys for questions, wait for a response ... etc

Optimal solution:

1) Server side API to ping/poll/being notified of session recording beginning, end , logs, general status, anything that can help identify a failure on our/your end.

Ideas/suggestions for monitoring recording ?

Alex G.

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+1 on this, in a big way.  i had just come to the forums to post a request like this one.

i have one case where the recording just doesn't happen at all, and i don't know how to get any sort of event about this from ArchiveManager.  the recordings aren't even getting stored on my LCCS account.  this seems to occur on slower / less reliable network connections.  the exact same application/session does record successfully when i switch over to a faster network connection.

the main use case is this - a user begins to record a session and should be immediately notified if the recording has successfully started, or has failed to initiate for some reason.  checking the webdav dir after the fact is not very useful - imagine you thought you were recording a full hour conversation only to find out at the end that it did not record. 

ArchiveEvent.RECORDING_CHANGE doesn't seem to inspect anything, just gets blindly dispatched after ArchiveManager.isRecording is set to true.  i need an event coming back from the server that can tell me for sure that the recording of the session has successfully initiated.  and likewise events giving me information about recording failing to initialize.

i can provide (in a separate thread) information about the case i mention where no recording happens at all on a slower net connection.  that one is very troublesome.




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Thank you both on valuable input, and apologies on a delayed response.  We agree with you both and we will be looking to boost our error checking with regards to the recording work flow.  I am not sure when it will happen but it is definitely on our radar.

For now, if you have any suggestions, ideas etc please reply to this thread.