Any guess on XLST weird functionality?



Hi Developers,

I am facing a weird issue while exporting xml from a form.

Assuming : I have installed A) Adobe LC ES4, b) Adobe Acrobat Pro but I do not have adobe Reader on my machine.

I designed a Form (say eForm), Data file (Say data.xml), Data Connection using XML (say XML) and XSL at Transform outgoing Data.

Good Scenario : When I preview my form in adobe LC designer with Data file (data.xml), My form gets opened in Adobe Acrobat as I do not have reader. When I save or use this form to export data (output.xml) I see my XSLT file is working and getting desired output data file (output.xml) as per XSL program.

Bad/Issue Scenario : When I save the form using designer as interactive pdf and Import the same Data file (data.xml) and then export it as data. My output is not same as (output.xml) as in above senario. I see my xslt is not implemented on this pdf. I see the same result as without xslt. Any guess why this is happening.


can you clarify my doubt where my connection schema and XSLT gets stored within pdf when I save a form as pdf. I only see a reference in pdf xml but I do not see complete xml and xslt file. If pdf works based on schema and xslt then it must get stored in pdf somewhere.

Any solution/clarification will be appreciated...

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I'm not sure what's causing this strange functionality. I can tell you that both the XSD and XSL are stored as packets in the XDP part of the PDF. You can use a third party tool such as iText RUPS to view this information (Designer's XML view does not always represent what is stored in the PDF).