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Alternate command: xfa.layout.relayout()/Re-generating only particular subform


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Hi Folks,

I am using ALD in SAP to print static form. We have a requirement where a particular subform (Dynamic Footer) needs to be populated only at end of last page. In READY LAYOUT EVENT some calculation in javascript has been done by using method xfa.layout.relayout(); and is working fine. However on use of this METHOD a new issue has been discovered. i.e. when we use this method, internally/return parameter is coming up with 2 page where in actual page is 1. In print layout/taking print it is showing correctly but STANDARD CODE by SAP-ADOBE is returning an incorrect page count which is leading to other issues. Could anybody help on this, how to use this method in an alternate way/other way/any method to dynamically re-assign the sub form instead of the entire layout) . It is urgent and help would be really appreciated



Code Ref:

var curp   = xfa.layout.page(this);

var totalp = xfa.layout.pageCount();

if ( curp == totalp )

{ this.h = 637 - xfa.layout.y(this) + "pts";

data.Subform_Pag_1.Positioned_Subfrm.Vertical_line_Subfrm.h = this.h;

xfa.layout.relayout(); }   //<-- ISSUE

Screen shot Ref:



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