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Allow page breaks within content, but keep first 4 lines together


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I am currently working on a long flowing form and I have varying fields that will impact on the location of each text field.

There is a field (SITUATION) at the bottom of page 1, unless a field above it (NAME_AND_ADDRESS) is long enough to bump it over to Page 2.  I would have SITUATION paginated 'at the top of the next content area' however, on the rare occasion that NAME AND ADDRESS bumps it over to Page 2, it ends up leaving a big blank section between NAME AND ADDRESS and SITUATION, which is always trying to be at the top of the page. 

What I would like to do is have some kind of condition that says the text field it is allowed to break across pages, but that the first 4 lines of text within the field should always be kept together. That way it will always bump over to page 2, but not be forced to the top of the next page.

Is this possible?

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