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Adobe Pro8 - no dialoge box on attachment to collate returned forms


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Hi There

New to Live Cycle and Forums.

I have created a form, distributed (to send at later date) set up data set file and save form file. Tested form by emailing to my private email. Filled in and returned. I double click the XML file attached (as per help) it opens from the internet and no dialoge box appears to select the data set file.

The returned files are coming as .xml shouldn;t they be .pdf's?


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Why woudl you expect it to allow you to choose a data file ....that XML file is the data file. YOu can send back PDF but you have to configure your form to allow that. Do a search on the forum that has been described many times.



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Hi Paul

Then help needs to be adjusted as it does not explain the type of file

you will receive and SPECIFICALLY states to open the email attachment

and CHOOSE a data file. If this is incorrect, how am I supposed to know


Hence my question to the forum.

I have searched the forum for changing the file and all I can find are

unanswered queries on the same thing. I searched the forum for over an

hour last night at 1am before emailing in desperation. I will search

again, but if I cant find it AGAIN, I'll be posting another help

question AGAIN.

Kind Regards


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