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Adobe LiveCycle - Repeating Tables on a dynamic form - issue!!!! Please help


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Hi there

I have a dynamic licensed form that 3 user groups will be using.

User Group A - completes one section, locks the form and sends to User Group B

User Group B - completes rest of form, form is locked unbeknownst to user group B, they send it back to user group A

User Group A - approves the info, locks entire form as read only and sends to User Group C

User Group C - reads the info and uses it to do some data entry

The form is doing exactly what we need it to do EXCEPT when it comes to repeating sections and tables.

Main part of form - does not repeat

Section 1 - the entire section can be repeated if User Group A needs to add a new section by clicking a button.

Inside Section 1 - contains a table that User Group B can +/- depending on their need & in this table there is drop down list.  User Group A needs to populate the list somewhere (AFTER licensing) lock it and when User Group B gets the form, they need to make a selection from the drop down - on ALL the added tables they create,

The above is only working for the first section and first table.  we cannot get it to work for the added tables or added sections.

The above is working mainly by java script.

Is there anyone out there who can help?  I am desperate and have a rollout coming up quick.

Thanks! Michelle

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Hi Michelle,

I think we are going to need to see the form to help, is it possible to post a link to it.  I assume you have some code in the preOpen event of the drop-down that need populating, I don't think you can dynamically update the items a drop down is bound to (at least not without a remerge() which would probably cause more pain).  How are Group A adding values to the list?