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Adobe LiveCycle - Form, when saved duplication of fields


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I have spent a couple of months to create a fillable form which now works fine.

I am about to release the document, however when the document is opened, filled out (or not) and SAVED and OPENED again a question (the second one) is duplicatied and repeated. I am not certain, but it has something to do with radio buttons I use....I have deleted them all and then the duplication has vanished, however I cannot get rid of all radio buttons since they are needed in the form, furhtermore it might also be somthing else.......I know it is a bit vague description but has anyone seen something like this and can someone please help?

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Level 7

I haven't seen this problem before, but there is an alternative you can try.

Try using Checkboxes rather than radio buttons. You can make them work the same as a radio button by making sure that when it is changes to checked, the rest of the checkboxes are unchecked. See if that makes a difference.

I have done this previously as i think the checkboxes look nicer


Level 5

You might want to take a look at subform/field bindings, and initialize events.

If you have a binding to a repeating element, check your scripting and initializations.

It may be that you are appending to a structure each time you initialize the form - even if it already exists.

I have reviewed forms that had subforms set to repeat based on binding to elements, and a script that was adding an instance each time the form initialized.

Not saying that's happening here - just throwing it out there.

Sounds like you have narrowed it to the radio buttons - good luck



Level 1

Dear Mark and MinusZ, thank you for your effort to come back to me with answer....

I have tried the method of elimination and came indeed down to the radio buttons....As far as I could see and count, the very first question involved a radio button was duplicated the in the amount of total number of radio buttons present in the document...

The sollution?

Get rid of binding  !!!

It is now duplication free.....