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Adobe Livecycle ES3 (v10.0.2) xml file processing error (file already used enquiry)


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Good day

This relates to an error we are experiencing on Adobe Livecycle where xml files being processed (from stage folder) is not removed from this folder due to an error noticed.

We checked the standard log files and can confirm that the xml files do actually process but it generates the following error message in the "failure" folder under %adobe%\Invoice_Printing\working\failure

The error message is:

Reason for failure is--------Could not parsenullCould no parseFailed to convert the source file %SOURCE\stage\file.xml to document for watched folder {1}java.io.FileNotFoundException: %SOURCE\stage\file.xml (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process)

We have tried to disabled the Antivirus on the server to ensure there is no non-adobe related file locking taking place.

Even though the xml files in question do actually process, there are still remnance of these files remaining in the stage folder which I believe is the correct process adobe LC will follow should issues be encountered.

We want to basically get rid of the error being generated and ask for any guidance/assistance.

Thank you very much

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