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Adobe LiveCycle ES3 upgrade to windows server 2012


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Dear All,

I have a questions? is it possible to upgrade Adobe LiveCycle ES3 to windows server 2012, currently running on windows server 2008.

We have several issues:

1) Adobe not releasing new version support windows 2012.

2) Current version run on Flash Player environment, which has EOL by 2020.

3) Current version is not compatible with SQL 2014 database.

4) Windows Server 2008 will be out of support by Microsoft by 2020 ( biggest concern in security )

How we can get help to overcome above problems.

How Adobe can support clients in this situation and what Adobe's future plan regarding Adobe LiveCycle upgrade and support?

Is there any alternative solution from Adobe supporting HTML5?  


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I don't have a direct answer for you but I point out that ES4 was released more than five years ago. Why are you still running such an old version?



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