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Adobe Livecycle ES2


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I made a form from scratch, dynamic, expanding etc. everything is great but every time I open it in Adobe save it so the user can save. Then open in reader and test the tabs and it jumps around in the middle of the document. Checked my hiearchy, custom tabbing. Everything held when saving. Tried going to auto then back to custom and redid again. Saved, went through the same process and still not working properly. Online many talk about this problem from way back when 2007.....Please my people are starting to wonder what the hold up is. I have a deadline and need to go on to the other forms. Can you help?

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Its a long time since I've had trouble with tabbing. We might have to see the actual form. Can you upload it somewhere like google docs, Dropbox or whatever and post a link to it here.



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Hi there,

I was able to fix it. Apparently, you cannot use the custom tabbing— it has horrible glitches. I had to go in and delete all the instances in the xml and then make sure all my X Y coordinates for my objects were even. Finally, after about 3 hours of deleting those instances. I was able to get the tabbing to work. I also had to rearrange my last page of System Checklists since they when from top to bottom but after grouping them in subforms, all was well.

Thank you for your response.



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