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Adobe Livecycle and SQL Server Conditional Dropdowns


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Hello All,

I am trying to figure it out but have a little difficulty.

I have two dropdowns connected to a SQL database (for this purpose DD1 and DD2). I need to be able to make the dropdowns conditional.



Fruit | Color

Apple | Green

Apple | Red

Apple | Purple

Apple | White

Plum | Purple

Plum | Light Purple

Plum | Black

DD1 will ask what the fruit will be. DD2 will ask the color depending on DD1.

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Former Community Member

Hi Dang_Randy,

Doing the following might help.

1) On the enter/initialize event of DD1, call a servlet that fetches all the fruits. Split and add the fruit items to DD1.

2) Once the fruit is selected from DD1, on the exit or change event of DD1, call another servlet (pass fruit selected in DD1) that fetches the colors of the fruit.

Hope this helps.