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Adding multiple buttons to attach files


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I created a form and I have multiple buttons that say "Attach" and when clicked will allow a user to attach a file to the PDF. The file name then shows up in the text field next to it. I am running into a problem though. When I attach a file using button1 it will work. Button2 will attach another file and it shows up in the attachments ... but when I save and close it and reopen it, only the last file I attached is saved in attachments. Is it because I used the same JavaScript for all my buttons (besides changing the TextField name?? Here is the script I used:

var myDoc = event.target;

var sFile;


var myDataObject = myDoc.getDataObject(sFile);

TextField10.rawValue = myDataObject.path;

ANY help would be great. I'd like to have button1 attach a file, button2 attach a different file, etc. And they all be saved and available when reopened.

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Is there any way you can send the file?