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1 Submit onclick....3 actions?


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Hello there

I am working on a website for my company and we are uploading multiple interactive forms and documents that I have created in both Acrobat 9 pro extended and Livecycle...

everything has been working fine so far, but i've hit a bit of a roadblock..here's the issue:

when a user clicks the "submit" button at the end of the pdf, it needs to do 3 things; submit the form (using the mailto: function which i hate because it involves an extra step for the customer but seems to be the only easy way to submit an entire pdf) and it also needs to trigger a pop-up dialog box that reminds the user to go back and fill out other neccesary forms....and finally it needs to redirect to the page where the list of forms is located.


it works as a submit mailto: button and does not redirect or refresh, it just remains open and submittable (just asking for duplicate responses) and no dialog box.

I have a simple code for a Javascript alert box to pop up that i know works because i've tested it sans-pdf and no problems..

Using acrobat 9 pro extended it appears thati have the option of running multiple actions with one button, but it only completes one task. It actually won't even run my javascript code even when i select the "Run a Javascript" action on the drop-down menu of the button properties...i edit the code and put this in:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
alert('Please make sure you have filled out all the neccesary forms.');

but nothing. and again, i know the code works...

So what i'm wondering is if 3 actions are possible with one button, and if not....how can i get around it and still make it do what i want it to?

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