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xfa.form som expression xfa[0].form[1]


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I have produced a form that uses web services for submission. One of the values in the submission is the field.somExpression, I need this so the response can update parts of the form. My problem is that generally the field.somExpression returns a string starting "xfa[0].form[0]..." in which case everything works fine but there are times when field.somExpression returns a string starting "xfa[0].form[1]...". This is returned in the web service response and the form tries to update the field to reflect the server processing, but fails to find any field starting "xfa[0].form[1]...".

Can anyone explain why I would be having two form dom's? and then why only sometimes?
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The [1] is the occurance number of that node. I do not know why you would have 2 form nodes. Can you create a large field on the form (make it multi-line) and dump the data dom into the field. This is a debugging step to see what is in the data dom. To do this use fieldname.rawValue = xfa.datasets.data.saveXML("pretty");

Maybe there is a clue in the data?