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Write to IFS


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We have a requirement to transfer information to and from an IBM ISeries machine. At present, out current process receives XML files into a WatchFolder via FTP. A Programme running on the ISeries box is running on a scheduled basis and picks files up from the IFS and copies them via FTP to the LIveCycle ES Server)

I am looking at the easiest way to send XML Files back to the IFS but the Standard Foundation utilities (i.e. Write XML) do not allow files to be written to a different file server.

Is there any other standard way of doing thi, without writing WebServices or FTP Jobs to move files. I just want to save files from the process, directly to a different server to LiveCycle (and be able to specify the required authentication to access the UNC path to the location)


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I think all you need to do is make sure that you run the JBoss (or WAS or whatever) application server as a particular user account, and make sure that user account has the read/write access to the UNC path.

If you're running Windows, you can do this by configuring the JBoss service to run as a particular user, rather than the default.




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Hi Howard, thanks for the reply.

I have had an op[portunity to look into this further and I have made some progress.

I have done the following:

1. In workbench, view the components

2. Expand the com.adobe.livecycle.FTP node

3. Expand Service Descriptors

4. Right Click on FTP and Activate Service. This allows you to create a separate version of the FTP Service and configure the hostname, port and login details. You can also just edit the settings for the default FTP servive.

4. Create a new Category and Process called FTP IFS

5. Drag a putFile component from the FTP IFS Service (N.B need to set the FTP component configured to appear in this category before it is available. You just need to add a dummy process to create a category)

6. Configure the proerties of this putFile in the FTPIFS process with generic input / output variables

7. Create a separate process 'TestPutFile' that invokes the FTP IFS process as a service.

8. set the file name, local file path etc as the input variables to invoke the FTP IFS service.

The above works, as it shows the TestPutFile as complete in the adminui but the file is not actually copied. The log indicates is 'Error copying the file'.

I'm going to test this between two windows servers next to see if this is an IFS specific issue