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Workflow is broken after applying Service Pack 2


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Hi,<br /><br />I have a form with a lot of drop down list boxes that I prepopulate with<br />data in a customer renderer. After applying service pack 2, my drop down<br />lists are all empty. The problem seems to be the way XML is handling with<br />service pack 2 applied. I'm using the JDBC Query for Multiple Rows as XML<br />service to gather the data, then the Set Value service to insert all the <br />results into my data schema. For example, my schema has an element called<br /><users>. My JDBC query produces XML of the form<br /><br /><userlist><br /> <user><br /> <id>user1</id><br /> <name>First User</name><br /> </user><br /> <user><br /> <id>user2</id><br /> <name>Second User</name><br /> </user><br /></userlist><br /><br />I have a Set Value expression of:<br /><br />/process_data/xmldata/users = /process_data/userQueryResult<br /><br />where userQueryResult is the <userlist> xml data shown above,<br />and xmldata is an XML variable representing my form data.<br /><br />Before applying service pack 2, I ended up with the following:<br /><br /><myform><br /> <users><br /> <userlist><br /> <user><br /> .<br /> .<br /> .<br /> </user><br /> </userlist><br /> </users><br /></myform><br /><br />However, after applying service pack 2, I end up with:<br /><br /><myform><br /> <users><br /> <user><br /> .<br /> .<br /> .<br /> </user><br /> </users><br /></myform><br /><br />The <userlist> element doesn't show up anymore.<br /><br />Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe I'm doing something wrong that<br />just happened do work pre service pack 2? Not sure why the behavior <br />changed, but I guess I now have a bunch of forms that I need to update.<br /><br />Any help would be appreciated....Thanks.
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I don't think you're doing anything wrong. I know there have been some inconsistencies with the way the SetValue handles XML.

You'll probably have to change your forms unless you try to change the XML manually on the server side using a style sheet or a custom component.