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Why does everything gets screwed up?


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I have been trying to use Forms Designer for while. I do all the basic design in Indesign and export to PDF.

What actually happens when the design is imported in to Forms Designer? All the lines gets thinner, fonts does not work, objects moves around, mounted eps-files disappears etc etc-...

Am I doing something wrong here?

The only thing I want to do is to add some text fields and roll down menus to the PDF...
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This no goood approach, what you are trying to do. Designer is not very capable into handling traditionally made PDFs.

If I were you (and since you wrote that you have simple form needs) I would stick with Acrobat Professional form tools, not LC Designer. Acrobat offers a quite comprehensive set of form tools, which I beleive you will find more than enough.

The difference between these two approaches, is basically architectural. Without me getting into detail, it is actually an AcroForms Vs. XFA approach decision. AcroForms (Acrobat plain vanilla forms) are more suited for tradional PDF forms workflows, whilst Designer forms (which are based on XML) are more suitable when advanced programmatistic controls are needed.



BTW: There is another more suitable forum for LiveCycle Designer. This one is actually for a server side tool, LiveCycle Form Manager.