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Why does DataService autoconnect=false require adding the services.xml path to -compiler options????


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Does anyone know why a dataservice with the autoconnect attribute set to false requires adding the server url path and context root to the -compiler options whenever you manually try to handle offline/online connections with dataservices???

I have an Adobe AIR app that i want to manually connect/disconnect my dataservice connection and handle my offline/online data manually. However, when i set my autoconnect=false on my DataService, try to connect and call a .fill(), i get an "unable to find assembler destination" error. This doesn't happen, however, when the autoconnect is set to true. So what would allow the air app to resolve the path to the config file on the server when autoconnect=true, and not set to false?

I found the issue when using insync's application found at:


There are some stray forum chats on the topic in which the resolution is to add the server path and context root to the config file, which resolves the problem.

Any insight on this topic would be useful.
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