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Webservice binding


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I'm currently developing a form which needs to be connected to webservices to populate some data and other things like that.

To test this, I quickly coded a little test webservice which has two operations: one is returning a string and doesn't take any input parameter, the other one returns a string as well but takes one input parameter.

I can create two data connections based on my WSDL definition, and Designer also recognizes the correct parameters. I can successfully bind the result of the first method (without input parameter) to a text field and I can see the correct result when I execute the connection.

However, there is just no way I can retrieve the result of the second function, the bound field always stays empty if the connection is being executed. I have tried to debug the webservice on the server side - the call is coming in and the correct value is being returned, so there must be a problem on the client side.

The test form doesn't contain any code, the whole thing is being done via drag&drop.

Is there any hint what I can do, or where I need to look to find out where the whole process fails?

Thanks a lot,

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Have you checked in the LiveCycle Admin UI to see if your process has the security disabled? Try completely disabling it first. If your process starts working and you need to enable security, then you'll know where the problem was and you can establish a correct security policy.

Depending on your version, it should be under:

Services > Applications and Services > Service Management > (Your Process) > Security

Unfortunately LiveCycle by default turns security on for all new processes and does not automatically add any principals to it. I find it quite annoying and many people tear their hair out forgetting about this.

Hope this helps!


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Hello Steffen,

Is your form working inside process or standalone? If standalone, you can send me your form by mail to chekc any binding problem. Have you tested other webservices that return result in your form?