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Video Player in Adobe TV


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First of all, the app is just awesome and really thanks for everything you guys are doing.

I just have a little thing wanna mention, which is about the video player in Adobe TV section.

I would like the video to be more flexible just as it is in Adobe Media Player, meaning (minimize, maximize, etc.), because what I noticed when I play videos, they are not really clear. I took some screenshots to show but I do not and seems there is no way to attach photos here. Anyways, I would like to thank you again for all the work, keep it going



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Of course code is not visible with that size, if somebody would try to use before releasing it it would be obvious. Where streaming feautures gone to? Why not to make videos in a native windows instead of modal boxes? With ability to set "over all windows" etc...

// yes, my comments so far will be in a bitching mode, as a developer I'm tired that Adobe is constantly releasing buggy products and spending various resources on a software for housewifes


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I would agree that it should be possible to maximise Adobe TV. I don't see the point in making this a modal window either. You cannot interact object behind modal/video window, which means that what is already a restricted window becomes even more restricted.

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I am interested in code for Flex on Adobe TV, so having a small window is not going to help.





Hi everyone,

Thanks for the feedback on Video sizing.

We will work towards enabling video re-sizing in a dot release of Cafe later this summer.




This has been fixed in 1.02

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.