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Variable prices based on quantity


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G'day everyone.

I am hoping someone could please help me. I am new to LiveCycle and know just enough about scripts to get myself totally confused, so please explain things much like you would to a 7 year old...

Ok, here is what I am trying to acheive.

I have a dropdown list with 'products' populated from an array, user selects product a from the list and the 'Unit Price' text field is then populated using the data from the same array.

This was working fine, however I then added a 'Quantity' field and tried to modify the script so that if the qty = 1 then Product A unit price is $30 or if qty is between 3 and 7 then Product A unit price is $20, etc.

However, since expanding the script with the var Price array I can't get the 'Price' text field to populate.

I have included the script I am using below, can anyone see where I am going wrong or is there a simpler way to do it??

Thanks for your help

Current Script:

// Array of Products.

var Module = new Array(" ",

"1MD | 1 Deep (93mm x 62mm)",

"2MD | 2 Deep (188mm x 62mm)",

"2MW | 2 Wide (92mm x 127mm)");

// Array of Casual Unit prices.

var Price1to3 = new Array(null,




// Array of 4-6 Unit prices.

var Price4to6 = new Array(null,




// Array of 7-12 Unit prices.

var Price7to12 = new Array(null,




// Array of 13-24 Unit prices.

var Price13to24 = new Array(null,




// Populate the part number Drop-down List.

function populateAdvert(dropdownField)


var i;

for (i=0; i < Module.length; i++)



// Populate the description and unit price fields.

function getDesc(advert, InsertPrice)


var i;

for (i = 0; i < advert.length; i++) // Go through the entire list of part numbers to find the one that is currently selected.


if (Module[i] == advert) // When we find the part number currently selected.


var qty = getField(numQTY).value;

if (qty <=3) InsertPrice.rawValue = Price1to3[i]; // and put the unit price in the unit price field.

else if (qty > 3 && qty <7) InsertPrice.rawValue = Price4to6[i];

else if (qty > 6 && qty <13) InsertPrice.rawValue = Price7to12[i];

else InsertPrice.rawValue = Price13to24[i];

break; // No need to go further if there is a match.



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