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Updated Groovy template for GraniteDS Builder (gas3)


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Just wanted to post this here in case anyone else was getting frustrated by the use of iExternalizable from the gas3 system from GraniteDS.  Just save the template as a .gsp file and update your GraniteDS nature to point the Entity template to your file (note: don't get confused by their docs, when you edit the location just put the DIRECT path to your file, and use forward slashes only...don't prefix it with 'file:' as they misleadingly insinuate (they are not wrong, just misleading)...i.e. c:/myTemplates/myTemplate.gsp)

In addition to that, I also stripped out the specialized GraniteDS datatypes in favor of the LCDS serialization convention that Adobe uses (i.e. a Java map should translate to an 'Object' type, a Java enum should translate to a 'String', and Java collections should always serialize as 'ArrayCollection')

For our application, we didn't do a 'base' version and a version that doesnt get touched by the code generator, but you could easily do so by modifying this template...it's not difficult...But if you just need a template that generates a LCDS compatible Actionscript class for your remoting service, this will do the trick:

I have two versions, this one is meant for Managed entities:

And this one is meant for non managed entities:

Hope this saves someone some time, I just threw this together pretty quickly for my own uses (using my preferred brace formatting) but feel free to expand upon it...I should note that this is a modified version of Granite DS's stock template, and all credit goes to them for gas3 and the template and such and such

When I get around to it I'll go ahead and add in some more data to the type ahead as well...

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